Partnering and M&A

In today’s global economy where lightning speed is required to get ahead - and stay ahead - of the competition, no company can be successful without partnering. Yet, most companies do not carefully consider a pro-active corporate partnering strategy, but instead pursue alliances and acquisitions in an ad hoc fashion, without a clear sense of purpose and without allocating the required resources. As a result, most third party relationships fail to achieve their full promise.

Langer and Company helps companies develop comprehensive partnering and M&A strategies that support corporate objectives. Key to the process is determining when to partner and when to acquire. Since alliances have a higher success rate than acquisitions, if an acquisition is the right way to go, we help ensure that the union takes on the best characteristics of a strategic alliance.

We provide assistance along the entire partnering spectrum, from developing initial strategies, to attracting and securing relationships, to managing and improving existing partnerships and acquisitions. When a client has or plans to have many relationships, we provide guidance in institutionalizing the partnering and M&A process, recommending an appropriate organizational infrastructure and relevant tools and training.

If a company's target or existing partner is IBM, we use our insider knowledge to assist in building or strengthening a relationship with Big Blue. This involves helping set and act upon an IBM partnering strategy, identifying key players in IBM's complex organization, and recommending appropriate contacts.

Developing A Successful Strategic Partnership
Managing the Strategic Partnering Process: An Executive Workshop

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