Developing A Successful Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnerships are one of the hottest trends in industry today!

Aggressive companies are forming alliances as a competitive business development activity and as a practical alternative to traditional financing. Corporate partnerships can help leverage resources, expand market presence, provide access to technology, and offer opportunities to diversify. Compared to equity or debt financing, partnerships add credibility, marketing clout, and a competitive edge.

Regardless of the difference in size and clout of potential partners, to be successful, an alliance must help each partner leverage a particular resource or resources to achieve their business goals. And, a strategic alliance must be managed as a relationship - not as just another contract. The partners must have compatible objectives, agree to share the risks, and be able to establish a strong working relationship.

Should you consider a strategic partnership? Can you attract a desirable partner? And, most importantly, how can you ensure a successful relationship?

If your company is considering a strategic alliance, currently negotiating a deal, or already working with a corporate partner, Langer and Company can inform and guide you. We offer expert, objective advice to large and small companies on the critical success factors for finding and ensuring a winning business relationship, and on the many pitfalls to avoid.

Depending on your company's requirements, we can provide assistance in the following areas:

Clarification of objectives
Assessment of value to a potential partner
Development of a partnering strategy and plan
Attraction and cultivation of prospective partners
Due diligence on proposed partners
Negotiation of partnership terms and conditions
Partnership management

A strategic alliance may be key to developing and sustaining your competitive advantage. Langer and Company can help your company develop a successful strategic partnership.

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